About Us

Mimosa Day Spa and Wellness is based on the principals of relaxation, revival, and rejuvenation.


We believe everyone needs this combination in today’s hectic world. Whether you are a stay at home mother or someone who works 12 hours a day, there should always be time put aside for your wellbeing.

We are dedicated to helping you achieve that balance between life and lifestyle.


Owner and esthetician, Erin Martin is passionate about her role, “I believe that everyone deserves to be pampered every once in a while. We tend to put our own needs on the back burner now in society today, letting work, and life in general, take the front seat in our lives, leaving us tired and burnt out.”

Leave the hustle and bustle of everyday tasks behind and enjoy your time.


Unlike most spas, we do not want our clients to hurry out the door once their service is done, we strive to provide a home like feel to your day at the spa and work hard at building those relationships with our clientele that will make you feel welcome every time you step through our doors.